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Over the years, I have been trying to explore more fun outside of lab, and here are some attempts...

Distance running


I found running is the best outlet for frustrations accumulated from research. I also made great friends through both of them. Plus, I can then eat whatever I want.


Here are my recent race results.






Interestingly, runners usually find good companions in climbers. I just need to work hard to show my wife I am a better climber than her... 




Boston Marathon, 2013

Pretending that I can send a 5.10

Photography and Travel


In the pre-iPhone days, DSLR is almost the only way to get memorable pictures. Going around also helps a bit...




Milky way seen from Madagascar

Data Science projects


WiseWheels: Where will CitiBike take you (Insight Data Science Project)

2017 March Madness: Using machine learning to predict the bracket

35 million trips on CitiBike: What can we learn from them?



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