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Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)

NEMS devices exploit the interplay between electrical and mechanical properties of the materials at nanoscale. The scaling law offers NEMS smaller footprint, faster speed, and platforms to explore new physical phenomena. Graphene, and other 2-dimensional materials possess excellent electrical attributes and enormous mechanical modulus that make them ideal building blocks for NEMS. My researches intend to explore facile fabrication techniques and efficient signal transductions for 2D NEMS.


False color SEM image of a suspended graphene membrane.


Arnold's tongues for a MEMS oscillator

Nonlinear Dynamics

Self-sustaining oscillators create continuous periodic signals without external frequency reference, and they can be found in both nature and manmade devices. During their steady-state operations, there must be certain nonlinear mechanism to maintain stable oscillation amplitude. This line of research will focus on harnessing the strong nonlinearity in micro- and nano-scale mechanical resonators, for applications in noise reduction, synchronization, and computation.

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